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Grip Strength Training Secret
— Strongman competitors, powerlifters, MMA fighters, Olympic athletes, MLB baseball players, NFL'ers and other strength athletes use specially made thick-handled dumbbells and barbells to train for strength, size, and thickness in their forearms and biceps by simply adding a pair of Tyler Grips. Finding the best fat grip trainer is now an easy task with thick-grip training TylerGrips for every athlete, that conveniently fits in your gym bag. A pair of TylerGrips improves upon thick-barbell equipment due to the patent-pending cone-shaped design, which ergonomically fits the palm of the hand for greater increases in strength and muscle. Make no mistake, this is the original fat grip trainer made famous by Timothy Tyler with results being displayed on his daily exercise blog with his four sons and other TylerGrip users.

Ergonomic design for more muscle and strength
-The slight "cone" shape that is added to the tried-and-true thick-bar training a pair of TylerGrips affords athletes, is really the "secret sauce" that enables even more muscle to be built. As the thick-bar adapters get thicker toward the base, it requires even more fast-twitch muscle fibers recruited in order to lift a similar weight. In fact, many of our users notice reduced shoulder and elbow pain despite making their workouts HARDER with TylerGrips. Once you try a few workouts with Tyler Grip at your side, you will never workout without them again. They can be the one advantage your opponent has overlooked. Make it happen with a pair of TylerGrips for bone-crushing grip strength.

Made in the USA, made to last-The solid army grade urethane used to make Tyler Grips also "give" slightly to the pressure of the fingers and palm giving a rock solid grip for the ultimate in grip strength training. A pair of Tyler Grips fit virtually every piece of weight training equipment allowing variety in weight training exercises for faster gains in lean muscle mass. The cost of a pair of TylerGrips is only a small fraction of what the thick-handled equipment sells for up to $500! Getting super strong forearm grip strength is about consistent workouts that give great vascular pumps to the wrist, forearms, biceps and hands. With a pair of TylerGrips, it's now much easier (and faster) to get STRONG forearm grip strength. It's faster simply because you just ADD the thick-bar adapter to your dumbbells and barbells during any workout. No extra sets and time spent training ONLY the forearms, wrists, hands and fingers. More fast-twitch muscle fibers are engaged when lifting with a fatter grip compliments of a pair of TylerGrips making faster gains in strength and lean, muscular gains. Learning how to build grip strength, with every set you do on a barbell or dumbbell exercise, is how athletes in the professional arena maximize forearm strength and size while maximizing their time. The more difficult it is for an athlete to control and GRIP a dumbbell or barbell the more the exercise will quickly increase grip strength and increase biceps strength and size due to the increased muscle fiber activation. Athletes that train with TylerGrips quickly increase wrist strength, get bigger forearms and wrists as well as get stronger biceps with virtually every workout. Make sure you eat how you want to perform, properly stretch and recover and use TylerGrips on as many sets of barbell/dumbbell movements as you can muster and get plenty of sleep-your body will need it.

Grip Strength Workouts and Muscular Size
Question: Why do shorter bodybuilders always have the most massive, fully-developed forearms and biceps? Answer: A shorter athlete's smaller hands are forced open to a greater degree requiring more muscular force to control a given weight than a genetically equal athlete with larger hands. This all-out-effort to simply lift some weights maximizes every single minute in the gym for greater gains in strength and muscular size, especially in the hands, wrists, fingers, forearms, biceps and even shoulders. The best in the industry have been using them for over 8 years with stellar real-world results.

Imagine being stuck at a plateau where you can't lift any heavier weights. For most athletes, you can't lift what you can't hold onto! Get that beastly grip-strength to lift truly monstrously heavy barbells and dumbbells. The extra effort to grip and control heavy barbells and dumbbells when doing thick-grip training, a pair of TylerGrips turns regular days in the gym to workouts for bigger biceps and forearms. And that does not suck. And the best part is you can get those crazy forearm muscles while (mainly) concentrating on workouts for bigger arms. A pair of TylerGrips is truly a time saver and a game changer. Get the edge with the legendary results of thick-bar training WITHOUT spending $500 for an Olympic bar that you CANNOT bring into your gym in most cases. Ouch. For twoAndrew Jackson's ($40), you have a pair of the original TylerGrip thick-bar adapters that make every workout count for massive arms that can be used in any gym, anywhere for professional results.

Get stronger fingers
— Building finger strength and hand strength improves athletic performance. Period. There is a saying in baseball that 75% of the game is played "from the elbows down". To have maximum throwing velocity or an extra-quick bat you must have strong fingers and hands. Strong hands and fingers are equally important if your sport is football, basketball, rock-climbing, or martial arts. The late, great martial artist and movie star, Bruce Lee, was a finger and forearm, weight-training fanatic. Mr. Lee could rapidly pump out one-arm push-ups supported by just his thumb and forefinger! By being able to add a pair of TylerGrips to your set of biceps curls (for example) you have just made this exercise into a perfect piece of grip strength equipment.

​​​​​​Functional Strength — Hand and finger strength is a functional strength that every athlete needs, regardless of sport. To open a pickle jar, to hold a baby, or if in a crisis situation, you need maximum finger, hand, and biceps strength! If you are a member of the best armed forces in the world ("USA! USA! USA!"), or one of our brave first responders, it is advisable you train with a pair of TylerGrips if you want to constantly be increasing grip strength every single workout. The simple act of gripping heavy barbells, dumbbells and pull-up bars with a WIDER grip, through the use of a pair of TG's, means that your entire workout consists of exercises to increase grip strength even if you were mainly training shoulders. Yes, this means that you will spend less time on dedicated exercises to build wrist strength because your wrist and forearm muscles (not to mention biceps and shoulders) are spending a lot more muscle fibers on each exercise with TG's affixed to your barbell or dumbbell. This equals greater gains in strength and muscle on your forearms, biceps and even shoulders.


Training for Grip Strength- Instead of wasting extra time in the gym, just throw a pair of TylerGrips on a dumbbell or barbell and you are automatically going to get an INSANE pump with every set where you can benefit from this awesome grip strength exercise. Try the TylerGrips just one time and you will see why customers say that TG's are as "...necessary as a gym towel, weight belt and protein shake". Get crushing grip strength that will not let go and lift (or slam) whatever you are holding onto. Tyler Grips are a favorite of powerlifters, football players, wrestlers, baseball players, hockey players and even basketball players. With a pair of TGs, all barbell and dumbbell movements are now exercises to improve grip strength. And we can all use a bit more jar-openin', Popeye-esque, vein-popping forearms in our life.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Get bigger forearms with TylerGrips. And change the game and the way you train. Train with a pair of TylerGrips for $45 shipped to your door.

​​​​​​​​And remember, if you don't love thick-grip training with your new pair of ergonomically correct TylerGrips and get staggering results in the first 90 days, send 'em back for a full refund. We are that confident you will love your bigger arms and your pair of TylerGrips!

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Thick-grip training is in every serious athlete's arsenal for getting bigger, stronger arms, hands and fingers. TylerGrip does it for a fraction of the price. Bigger and stronger in less time. No doubt about it.
Tyler Grips being used in this fat grip-training during a set of neutral pull-ups. Take your pull-up workouts to the next level with this nice addition.
When your hands "open up" by gripping a thicker handled dumbbell, your forearms, biceps and even shoulders have to trigger every fast-twitch muscle fiber available to complete the exercise. This is why World StrongMen use thick-grip training and TylerGrips to get a grip that can crush a soda can.
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"The thicker TylerGrip handles allow for a wider distribution of loading on the hand and wrist, making it a valuable implement for those coming back from injuries; the stress on the tissues is more spread out. Its contribution to the development of supportive grip in athletic populations can't be overstated enough."Eric Cressey, M.S. Kinesiology, EricCressey.com
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